Gosoft (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary of the CP All Public Company Limited. Our company is the leading information technology system consulting and development firm in Thailand. Our product ranges from data centers, in-house development of proprietary business software applications, software implementations, to networking and collaborations for the support our client’s operations.



gosoft can help your organization build IT systems that correspond to continuous changes in your business requirements as to enable you to compete and succeed in the business world. With innovative technologies and solid methodology, we simplify the processes to achieve your business objectives, while reducing business costs, improving productivity, retaining growth, and creating new business opportunities.


gosoft Contact Center provides customers with technical support solutions 24/7, covering all target groups. gosoft is committed to serving the needs of businesses as part of its business model, through efficient and effective mobilization of resources. The team is composed of members with experience, ideas and creativity.


Specialize in information technology related to retail and distribution center system.
  • Specialize in modern retail system solutions, for the entire retail operation.
  • With high expertise in managing large IT Networks and Infrastructure.


At gosoft, we provide IT services & customer care 24/7, while implementing world class technologies, and meeting the international contact center service standards.